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Taylor and Veronique founded High Vibe Acro after spending three years traveling the US, Mexico, Indonesia and Guatemala gathering inspiration from the various, diverse communities they connected with along the way. They have been teaching acroyoga together for five years.

They love to break down standing acrobatic and dance lift moves, weaving them into a flow. They embrace focussing on fluid and elegant transitions to create a performance-ready act. They teach acroyoga as a means to spread their love of the practice, the creative process, and high vibes.

Veronique has a background in gymnastics and aerial silks and still practices and teaches tumbling/aerials to this day. Taylor is a yoga instructor specializing in ashtanga inspired vinyasa.










Gabrielle M-P.jpg

Gabrielle M-P

"I just LOVED all the classes I had with T&V! They give different options for all the levels to be able to play and they also have many different styles of classes for us to explore all the aspects of acroyoga (performing, drills, restorative, etc.). They are an amazing team together and their laughter is contagious. They actually really know how to get the high vibes going!"

Kelley Snyder.jpg

Kelley Snyder

"Incredibly talented teachers. V and T both have such a gift for making you feel SAFE while trying new things. The passion they have for what they do is contagious and I am so grateful to learn from them. Besides being informative instructors they are kind hearted and authentic people. They are both such a joy to be around!"

Amanda Marcus.JPG

Amanda Marcus

"Taylor and Vero are some of the most fun, supportive, incredible humans and they are so talented as teachers! They make all of their classes a blast and make you feel like you can do anything (and then really do help you to do things you thought were not possible for your body 5 minutes previously). Would love to continue to learn from them in the future, not just as acro yogis but also as stellar friends."



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