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Our Philosophy

Taylor and Veronique Zork
AcroYoga Instructors

For us, Acroyoga is a tool for developing constructive communication skills, trust, & connection; whether you are practicing with a romantic partner, friend, children or stranger. It is about setting boundaries, establishing consent, and relating in an authentic way. 

AcroYoga is what brought us together. We were both pursuing acro and happened to meet at an "Acroyoga Montreal" jam in Parc Lafontaine. This shared connection and vision of spreading acro helped us formulate our vision for High Vibe Acro. Our mission through High Vibe Acro is to help guide more people towards a path of higher vibrations. 

We sincerely believe that if we can help foster these skills in our students, the world will benefit. This is what drives us, this is why we do what we do.

Veronique Zork
Acrobatics & Tumbling Instructor

Veronique is a dynamic gymnastics, tumbling, and acro teacher whose focus is to inspire movement awakening. Gymnastics is a fun, vibrant sport that lets kids feed their inner circus performer and daredevil.

Vero’s classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, as well as good listening skills, community feels and becoming comfortable upside down. Her introductory classes will cover skills such as somersaults, handstands, bridges, cartwheels, as well as leaps and jumps.

One of her goals as a coach is for her students to get to know the gymnastics fundamentals, to prepare them for acrobatics.

Playa Domi Vero 1.JPG
Tay Head shot 1.JPG
Taylor Zork
AcroYoga & Yoga Instructor

Taylor is a lover of movement in many forms. Acrobatics, yoga, and tumbling are some of his favorites means of expression and he thrives on the “beginner mindset,” always trying find better ways to relate to his students.


Taylor teaches Acro with Vero, in addition to helping with the various tumbling classes.

Often referred to as “Tay Tay” by the tiny tumblers, Taylor strikes the balance between “fun and get it done.”

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