Our Philosophy

Taylor and Veronique Zork
AcroYoga Instructors

For us, Acroyoga is a tool for developing constructive communication skills, trust, & connection; whether you are practicing with a romantic partner, friend, or stranger. It is about setting boundaries, establishing consent, and relating in an authentic way. 


AcroYoga is what brought us together. We were both pursuing acro in Montreal and happened to meet at a jam in Parc Lafontaine. This shared connection and vision of spreading acro helped us formulate our vision for High Vibe Acro. Our mission through High Vibe Acro is to help guide more people towards a path of higher vibrations. 


We sincerely believe that if we can help foster these skills in our students, the world will benefit. This is what drives us, this is why we do what we do.

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