Here is some info on why we think a combination of tumbling and acrobatics is incredible.

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In our tumbling classes, students will learn to perform a series of acrobatic skills down an air track. Additionally, they will be introduced to different gymnastics’ apparatuses such as; mini-trampoline, specialized mats, and aerial silks.


"All-Level Tumbler" is an introduction to basic gymnastics skills and techniques. Students will increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, gain coordination and confidence. No previous experience is required, just a willingness to try something new!


“Advanced Tumbler” is a more in-depth and refined look at gymnastics skills. Now that they’ve learned the basics and vocabulary, we will be polishing the skills and begin learning more in depth.


The basics of tumbling are critical for kids before trying some of these skills with a partner. We believe in the individual practice first and then bringing it all together with acrobatics.

The key here is one step at the time!

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